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An 8 lesson, in-depth study, into the life, mind and teaching of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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MAJ-5 - Jesus: Friend Of Sinners

In an attempt to criticize the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, his critics gave him one of the greatest compliments you can ever imagine. In Matthew 11:19, they said of Jesus, that they accused him of being a, “winebibber, a glutton, a friend of tax collectors, and sinners.” Jesus is indeed the greatest friend a sinner, one who is living in sin and desires to be saved, has ever had. Those words beautifully illustrate that idea.

In Matthew 11:19, Jesus begins to comment on the people of John's generation, and those who really didn't listen to John, who was indeed a great servant of God. And he goes on to say, “What am I going to liken this generation to?” As you think about their fickle, their mundane nature, he's reminded of some of the things they said about him, of the Son of Man. They said, “He is a winebibber, and a glutton, a friend of tax collectors, and sinners,” and while they meant that to criticize, to deride, Jesus to make him look less like the Messiah and the Savior. How true it is for the person lost in sin, who wants to know God, who wants to be saved, not someone who's living in sin and doesn't have a plan of changing, but for the person who is lost in sin. Jesus is indeed the greatest friend they could ever know.